Dennis has visited observatories and spaceflight facilities in
the USA, South Africa and Australia.
Very Large Array, New Mexico Kitt Peak, Arizona Hartebeestoek, South Africa
Scene in film Contact Inside the dish!

Siding Springs Observatory

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Parkes Radio Observatory, Australia


Film The Dish

        With Star Centre colleagues

Mauna Kea, Hawaii,  13 800 feet

                With Sir Patrick Moore
            Total Solar Eclipse, 1999               London Astronomy Show

Planetarium presenter


Dennis owned and ran Stardome Planetarium from 1993 to 2005

'The best job in the Universe!'.


Dennis was then a part-time presenter at Yorkshire Planetarium.


Currently Dennis is one of the presenters with Wonderdome, Sheffield.


Presenter at Yorkshire Planetarium,

Dennis with Stardome at London's Science Museum

Guest presenter, Wonderdome

Harewood House

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