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Star Talks are interactive astronomy presentations

  for audiences, large or small, and for all ages.




Star Talks are presented by

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CONTACT Dennis Ashton Lives of Stars
BOOKINGS Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society Cosmic Collisions
REQUIREMENTS Stemnet Science Ambassador Big Bang
Science Ambassador Lightspeed Universe

Dennis is one of the most experienced 

Star Trekking


astronomy and space science 

REVIEWS presenters in the UK. Shooting stars
STAR DAYS In the past 23 years over 250 000 people have attended  Spaceflight
LINKS presentations given by Dennis. Space Robots

International Space Station
For Science Days, residential visits

Astronomy Masterclass


Contact Details For interest groups:


The Last Great Race on Earth

Phone: 0114 236 4086
Mobile: 07572 620 172


Star Talks are superbly illustrated presentations
on astronomy and space science.
 The presentations are designed for schools &  science events.
 They are suitable for school groups, families and adult audiences.
The Star Talks menu has been updated for 2016.
Presentations can be tailored to fit in with any timetable.
Usually presentations last between 50 minutes and an hour.


Typically, sessions include:
1:  The presentation, using the latest superb images and HD video 
from NASA, ESA and ground-based observatories.
2:  A question and answer session
3:  Audience activities, such as 'Build a Planet'
4:  3D images of the Moon and Mars
Students at Rainhill School enjoy 3D space.  Photo: Tillman Kleinhans
 Dennis visited Alaska in 2012,
    and saw a wonderful display of the 
Northern Lights.
Dennis uses some of his own 
astrophotographs in the presentations
Dennis was in Alaska to see the Iditarod, 'The Last Great Race on Earth'
This is now the subject of his latest non-astronomical presentation 
for interest groups and clubs.
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