The last great race on Earth
In 2012, 2014 and 2016, Dennis and photographer Jane followed
this epic 1000-mile sled-dog race across frozen Alaska.
We follow the race from its start in Anchorage
through checkpoints in the Alaskan hinterland
to the dramatic finish in Nome.
Musher and friend, Lead dog at checkpoint.
four-time winner Ready to race!
Lance Mackey.
We meet the mushers, We also meet the
men and women who dogs, Alaskan huskies,
brave Arctic hazards true canine athletes
in their quest to finish. who love to pull sleds.
Iditarod start

Using archive pictures, Dennis places the Iditarod in its Alaskan context.
Sled-dogs are an integral part of Alaska's history,
from the gold rush early last century through to the present day.

In the presentation we see some of Alaska's magnificent scenery and
meet wonderful people who live there.
Following the Iditarod was a life-changing experience.
Through this presentation, 
Dennis would like to share that experience with you.
The Iditarod is more than a race.
It celebrates the history and heritage of Alaska,
America's Last Frontier.

A typical reaction to the presentation comes from

Bread & Roses W I in Sheffield:


Thank you for a hugely entertaining, engaging and enthralling talk about the
Iditarod during which we learned so much about Alaska. 

Your passion for the race was infectious, the photographs were stunning 

and your humour much appreciated! 
ll the members loved it – they can’t stop talking about it

Iditarod Trivia

Iditarod Trivia
More people have climbed Iditarod is an old gold

Mount Everest

mining town.

than have finished

It's name means

the Iditarod.

'Far Away Place'

– and they want you to come back!


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